Maybe you have a tainted past. You let yourself get pulled into promiscuity, drugs, sabotage, or theft. Maybe you’ve never had any of these major struggles, but you still battle insecurity. You can’t imagine God would ever use you! You’re completely unqualified. But the truth is God wants to use you exactly where you are because you are unqualified.
Unqualified is a journey into the realization that you are not God’s last resort. You will learn the truth about God’s plan to use every submitted person. Pat Schatzline’s compassionate and relatable teaching reveals:

The pitfalls and traps waiting to stop the mission God has assigned you to lead
The truth that God has always relied on submitted people to propel His message
How you can let go of excuses, confront your past, rise up, and lead?

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Restoring the true image of God’s extravagant love, generosity, and grace

Many believe that God is mad at them—and as a result they live far below the level of favor and opportunity that God intends for them. This book unveils the influences that cause us to believe that God is angry. It uncovers ten attributes about God that reveal Him as a loving and merciful God who accepts us, transforms us, renews us, and gives us a future filled with abundant blessing and opportunity. It releases us from the hurt and pain of our past—no matter how painful—and leads us through the retraining of our actions and thoughts. It dares us to wrestle with God until he blesses us and to enter the dance of new life that He is offering to all His children.

God is not mad at you, He’s crazy about you and wants to give you the dreams and visions He has for your life.

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Will you be the last one to stand on the promises of God when all the odds are against you?
Will you be the last one to stand in obedience when everyone else has turned away?
Will you be bold enough to declare, “I AM REMNANT”?

Throughout history God has used small, powerful groups who have stayed true to Him to transform culture, government, and even the spiritual climate of a nation. The Bible calls them remnants. Today God continues to set apart men and women who will rise up, speak out, and lead. He is waiting for you.
This is your moment. Time is running out and your voice is needed to transform the world with a message from the throne of God. Like Samuel, you must accept the mantle God has for you. Will you accept the call?

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Pat Schatzline

Where You Can Begin To Be Great

Released: June 2, 2015

I Am Remnant 
Discover the Power to Stand of Truth in a Change Culture

Released: January 10, 2013

Released: March 4, 2014

Why Is God So Mad At Me?
Dispelling the Lies Many People Believe

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