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Messiah’s Misfits
 - Pat Schatzline 

God has never asked you to be normal. God has called you to be different.

What do I mean? Christianity is the greatest adventure you could ever take, and God is the greatest tour guide on this journey called the supernatural life for those of us who are unqualified. The unqualified of God have never been called to fit in anyway. They are the ones man overlooks but God notices and plucks from obscurity.

There is one word that best describes the unqualified, and it is the word "misfit."

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Rediscovering the Power of the Holy Spirit - Pat Schatzline

For much of my life I have felt unqualified as a leader in the kingdom of God. I have always known that without the help of my closest adviser and guide, the Holy Spirit, I would not make it.

Recently while praying, I heard God say to me: "Son, why is the church ashamed of My Spirit? Do they not realize that they cannot do true ministry without Me?" As I prayed, I began to ponder what the Lord had asked.

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God’s Unqualified Army: Anyone Can Join - Pat Schatzline

We're living in a day of what I call the "get by" mentality. What does that mean? It means we are all just trying to get by! We're not really living because we've made up our minds that surviving is enough.

We have become much like Gideon's army in Judges 8:4, where they were fainting yet pursuing. The constant demands of the day can be exhausting, and so often we show up for church but are nowhere near ready to engage a powerful and awesome God.

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Awaken the Samuels - Pat Schatzline 

In July 2013, as I was jogging, I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “Son, we must awaken the Samuels! Awaken this generation to my voice!” 

Do you know the story of Samuel? It’s a truly marvelous one. Samuel’s mother, Hannah, made a promise to God that if she was able to have a child, she would give her child to the Lord and consecrate the child to Him (1 Sam. 1:11). So when she conceived and Samuel was born, she gave Samuel to Eli, the priest, when Samuel was still a very young age. His name in the Hebrew language means “God has heard,” because God heard the prayer of his mother, Hannah. 

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Are You Part of the Remnant? - Pat Schatzline

In May 2012, I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “Pat, I am looking for the remnant rising!” This coincided with the fact that I had many dreams over the previous two years of an awakening coming to America.

In one particular dream, I was in an old diner, sitting in a booth with key leaders, and in front of us sat an old radio. Every time we changed the radio station on the old radio, the announcer would broadcast that God was pouring His Spirit out in different cities. I remember awakening that night from the dream with laughter and tears. As I researched, I found the word remnant. I began to realize this was the answer to the awakening I believe is coming to the world.

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Do You Know God? Or Just Believe in Him? - Pat Schatzline

A recent book entitled America’s Four Gods, written by Baylor University professors Paul Froese and Christopher Bader, is an in-depth study of how Americans view God.

With the help of the Gallup organization, thousands of people were interviewed. The findings were remarkable. Roughly 5 percent of respondents identified themselves as atheists, but after analyzing the rest of the results, the professors surmised that America has four main views of God...

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The Problem With Being Relevant - Pat Schatzline

It always excites me to see churches on the cutting edge of technology, ones structurally organized for growth and doing everything they can to make their houses user-friendly. This is refreshing to me, because it shows God is presented in the most excellent way.

From the parking lot to the reserved seating for guests, all of the checkpoints of welcome are marked off. The proof is in the growth, from multiple services to multiple sites. Many of these churches definitely have what I call the "relevant factor"!

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God Isn’t Mad At You - Pat Schatzline

Many people—Christians included—view God as an angry deity waiting to strike them down. It’s time to reveal the truth about a loving Father who desires the best for you.

If God has the whole world in His hands and knows every hair on my head, then why do I always feel so far from Him? Could it be that God is mad at me?”

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Emotions That Can Destroy God’s Leader - Pat Schatzline

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